Digital overload… technology burnout… Zoom fatigue impacts clarity and retention. Call it what you want, but know that it’s real, and reduces the amount of information we can process, understand, and retain.  

It’s difficult enough to stay focused sitting in a room full of our colleagues, and much more difficult to stay focused when sitting at home staring at a screen. As the day goes on, what we hear becomes more like “noise” and increasingly more difficult to process and retain. Being a spectator on video call after video call, along with eLearning modules and virtual meetings, isn’t helping productivity.

Studies show that experiential program design nets a higher return on an organization’s investment. Remote programming should be varied in its approach, leveraging multiple content sharing methods. Include authentic human interaction whenever possible and lessen ‘Zoom fatigue’ by reducing reliance on technology. Purposeful human interaction will also keep attendees engaged, provide clarity, and increase retention.

AIM90 is a program design company that believes human experience takes priority over the tactical delivery of information. Technology takes a back seat to collaboration, interaction, and content immersion, making AIM90 programs both impactful and memorable. AIM90 can amplify how you engage your teams, your clients, and your colleagues and help reduce the digital overload.

A Neuropsychological Exploration of Zoom Fatigue. Jena Lee, MD. November 17, 2020

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AIM90’s mission is to curate unique experiences that maintain the human connection and increase information retention in a challenging and fun environment. AIM90 amplifies the impact when the content needs to drive connection on an emotional level and when organizations want their teams, clients and colleagues to walk away with a deeper understanding. AIM90 designs engaging remote, in-person, and hybrid programs.