We Exist to curate unique experiences that maintain the human connection and increase information retention in a challenging and fun environment.

Unlock the Benefits of an AIM90 Program

  • ZKnowledge retention and recall
  • ZDeeper understanding of the content
  • ZEnhance collaboration
  • ZEncourage participation
  • ZIncreased adaptation and performance
  • ZDecreased time to proficiency
  • ZElevate employee engagement
  • ZA welcomed departure from traditional content sharing methods
  • ZImpactful and authentic internal and client-facing programs

The Power of Experience

Edgar Dale was an American educator who introduced the Cone of Experience in 1946. Dale theorized that people retain more by what they do, as opposed to what is heard, read, or observed. 

AIM90 experiences are direct and purposeful, where participants hear, see, read, observe, speak, write, build, problem solve, interact with, and are fully immersed in the content.

AIM90 Program Elements

The Human Element

Human interaction builds trust, strengthens relationships, positively impacts productivity, and leads to innovative solutions. There’s no technology replacement for the power of human interaction. We simply can’t get things done without it, and as humans we thrive on interaction.


Experiences have a way of connecting us, we talk about our experiences, in fact, our voice changes when we tell our stories. We share our experiences on social media for the world to see. Why? Because they matter to us. A well-curated learning experience can be a powerful memory trigger, enabling access to the content that was learned as a result of the experience.


Humans have an affinity to triumph at every level, the feeling of crossing the finish line, whatever finish line that may be. No matter how small or big the challenge, the sense of accomplishment drives us forward. And to triumph, you must have challenge.

AIM90 has taken these three essential elements; the need for human interaction, the power of experience, and the human affinity to triumph and created a powerful content sharing and learning method that amplifies the impact through interactive experiences based 100% on client content.

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