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AIM90 Engage

When geography doesn’t matter

Whether participants are in-person, remote, or a mix of both, the AIM90 Engage program is hands-on and interactive where participants build the content through challenge and triumph.

Individual participant kits allow attendees to see, hear, read, write, and be fully immersed in the content. AIM90 Engage is a powerful program and an experience that attendees will remember.

AIM90 Replica

An in-person live program

The AIM90 Replica in-person program is designed with challenge stations that get participants moving and working collaboratively as THEY build the content.

Challenge stations are designed specifically for your business and ideated around your content. AIM90 Replica is designed to amplify the impact and increase information retention and recall.


An in-person live program for large groups

Create a memorable and impactful experience with this in-person program. AIM90 XL provides an innovative approach to sharing content that attendees will remember far beyond the event.

Facilitator-led from the stage or podium, AIM90 XL creates a fun and collaborative environment while driving home key messaging.

Off The Shelf

Ready when you are

The Difference Effect is a powerful addition to any DEI initiative. This next-level program identifies areas of opportunity by focusing on the importance of HOW people approach their work. Create a stronger work culture and increase opportunity for you, your colleagues, and organization through the power of empathy, acceptance, and inclusion.

Challenge Builder

We design, you deploy

Looking for ways to amplify the impact of your content? AIM90’s expertise can help take your existing program to a whole new level with custom-designed challenges based 100% on your content.


Create a revenue stream

Whether you’re launching a new online paid program, or looking to increase the value of your existing paid program, AIM90 designed experiences significantly increase attendee engagement and improve content retention. AIM90 programs are both powerful and memorable, adding value for your attendees.

Animations source: Alexander Rozhkov / LottieFiles

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