When provided with information verbally or visually, you hear and see it; but did you understand it? Did you remember it? Can you recall it? It’s not just about what learners see, hear, read, write or speak. Solving the learning puzzle is all about what learners can DO with the content that amplifies the impact.

When provided with an opportunity to solve a challenge, learners are tasked with learning, interacting with, and understanding the information in order to complete the challenge. That is the very reason incorporating carefully curated challenges into training programs provides a deeper understanding of the content. 

Tim Newman, in his Medical News Today Article, writes about the universal love felt toward challenges and that it has little to do with the process of solving the challenge itself. Instead, it has everything to do with the sense of accomplishment as everything clicks into place. It’s the Aha! moment.

An international research team uncovered the secret of the Aha!-moment. Finding creative solutions to problems is a fundamental aspect of human culture and a highly needed skill. When people solve a puzzle or challenge, the mood-enhancing substance dopamine is released. Dopamine is in turn responsible for communication between areas of the brain associated with emotions, memory processes, and for tackling demanding problems in a targeted and motivated way, expressing itself in the form of curiosity and a willingness to learn. (Tik M, Sladky R, Luft CDB, et al. Ultrahigh-field fMRI insights on insight: Neural correlates of the Aha!-moment. Hum Brain Mapp. 2018)

When paired with the appropriate training method, challenges can significantly increase content retention and provide a more powerful learning experience. Enhancing training programs through the power of challenges builds relationships and leaves a lasting impression on the learners.  

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AIM90’s mission is to curate unique learning experiences that maintain the human connection and increase information retention in a challenging and fun environment. AIM90 amplifies the impact when the content needs to drive learners to connect on an emotional level and when organizations want their teams to walk away with a deeper understanding of what was learned. AIM90 designs engaging remote, in-person, and hybrid programs.