Humans thrive on interaction, we learn through observation of others, our performance increases as a result of human interaction, resolutions are found, relationships are strengthened, and opportunity arises.

Collaborative learning is an environment where human interaction directly supports knowledge retention through problem solving and working together while actively engaged with the content. The benefits of interactive learning are endless and there is no technology replacement for the power of human interaction.

With the remote learning industry booming, there are a multitude of technology-driven solutions to select from, each offering their own set of benefits. In the quest for the ultimate training ecosystem, it’s important to understand when technology should be sidelined and when learning should be driven by human interaction. Understanding that ‘interaction’ isn’t a presenter with a slide deck, it’s two-way communication, sharing of information, open conversation, and group collaboration that builds the learner knowledge bank through the power of human interaction.

Creating collaborative learning sessions that leverage the power of human interaction requires thoughtful consideration of the content, learner outcomes, and audience, along with programming that can successfully balance all three to ensure the delivery of key objectives. Challenge-based learning sessions infuse the much-needed human element into programs that need to shift their approach from being tactically focused to strategically driven.

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AIM90’s mission is to curate unique learning experiences that maintain the human connection and increase information retention in a challenging and fun environment. AIM90 amplifies the impact when the content needs to drive learners to connect on an emotional level and when organizations want their teams to walk away with a deeper understanding of what was learned. AIM90 designs engaging remote, in-person, and hybrid programs.