WAUKESHA, Wisconsin, January 11, 2021 – AIM90 launched this week with their proprietary Adaptive Interactive Method that transforms content into fully engaging, hands-on, learning experiences. It’s what organizations have been looking for and what learners are absolutely ready for. AIM90’s tagline exemplifies this new approach… Your Content. Your People. Our Magic. AIM90 programs add the necessary balance within an organization’s training ecosystem bringing a fresh and innovative approach to interactive learning.

With the significant increase of home-based team members, remote learning programs will be in high demand and employee engagement has garnered a heightened sense of urgency for remote and onsite teams. AIM90 fills a gap left by traditional content sharing methods showcasing a unique hands-on and collaborative approach to engaging learners.

“AIM90 is based on three essential elements; the need for human interaction, the power of experience, and the human affinity to triumph.” said Amy Zellmer, AIM90 President and program architect. “AIM90 has taken those three essential elements and created a powerful content sharing method that amplifies the impact and increases retention through interactive experiences based 100% on client content.”

AIM90 has a passion for designing programs unique to each client and a framework that rests firmly on the premise that learning should be an experience. Everything changes during an AIM90 program; problem solving skills go into high gear, learners are reading, speaking, hearing, and writing content as active participants in the learning process.

Understanding that learning is both mental and physical, AIM90 programs are hands-on and challenge-based with very limited use of technology. The most powerful component, and unique to AIM90 programs, are the carefully curated Participant Kits from which participants learn, interact, problem solve, and become fully immersed in the content. “I was 100% engaged the entire time and amazed by the level of collaboration during the virtual program!” said the Managing Advisor of a national insurance firm who was selected as one of the participants in the inaugural AIM90 virtual event.

Organizations are seeking a new way to share information, foster collaboration, engage their workforce, and connect their teams. The demand is high for education and training innovation that connects learners with the content on an emotional level and supports a higher level of retention. AIM90 programs are unique with flexible options that support remote, in-person, and hybrid programs, and when the time comes, AIM90 is well prepared to enhance large group events.

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Founded in 2020, AIM90’s mission is to curate unique learning experiences that maintain the human connection and increase information retention in a challenging and fun environment. AIM90 amplifies the impact when the content needs to drive learners to connect on an emotional level and when organizations want their teams to walk away with a deeper understanding of what was learned. AIM90 designs engaging remote, in-person, and hybrid programs.