Q: What is the cost of an AIM90 program?

A: AIM90 programs are carefully curated learning programs based 100% on your content. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific program needs, just give us a call!

Q: What if our organization doesn't have anyone to facilitate a program?

A: AIM90 can provide program facilitators.

Q: Why would I use AIM90?

A: When the content is mission-critical to an organization’s success, when the learner outcomes drive the business forward, and when you need to establish an emotional connection between the learner and the content. And, of course, when you want to make learning a fun, interactive, hands-on experience.

Q: What technology solutions does AIM90 use?

A: Short answer, NONE, with the exception of your preferred video conferencing application for remote participants.

Q: Is there an AIM90 program for large groups?

A: Yes, AIM90 can customize experiences for large groups.

Q: How long does it take to design an AIM90 program?

A: Design time is based on the content, key objectives, and desired learner outcomes.

Q: Once designed, how long does it take to launch an AIM90 program?

A: Launch time is based on the program components, participant kit procurement, production timeline, kitting and shipping windows.

Q: Can AIM90 really take our slide presentation and talking points and turn it into an interactive learning experience?

A: YES! With the Adaptive Interactive Method we can!

Q: What's a ditto plan?

A: It’s our fun way of identifying the specially designed plan to reinforce key messaging post-program.

Q: Who orders all the materials and puts the kits together?

A: AIM90 has a network of vendors and will manage the procurement and kitting services.

Q: Besides participants, how many people from our organization are involved in an AIM90 program?

A: You’ll need a minimum of two trained facilitators (unless you elect to have AIM90 facilitate your programs). You’ll also elist the support of senior leadership within the organization to join the groups upon completion of the experience, for about 15 minutes, to revisit the experience and key messaging. The recap session with leadership is a critical component of the overall program and supports learner outcomes and content retention.

Q: What if the majority of the attendees are engineers, medical professionals, tradesmen, delivery drivers, retail staff, auto technicians, tool and die makers, lawyers, bankers, or bus drivers?

A: At AIM90, the industry, role, responsibilites, and job duties of our program participants have no limits. Our programs are designed with laser-focus on attendee demographics. We specialize in customized experiences and create programs that align with the needs and wants of the attendees.

Q: Is AIM90 considered gamafication?

A: AIM90 programs include a level of fun and interaction related to gamafication. AIM90’s focus is always on the content, key objectives and learner outcome. There is a skill required when formulating challenges to properly balance learning, information retention and collaboration in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. The AIM90 proprietary Adaptive Interactive Method is the framework we use to make the magic happen.

Q: Are AIM90 programs available in languages other than English?

A: Currently all programs are in English, however, we are happy to discuss translation services to customize the experience to fit the needs of your organization.

Q: What shipping method do you use to ship Participant Kits?

A: We can use your preferred shipping method and leverage your shipping rates or we can use our shipping vendor.

Q: What if someone receives a Participant Kit and then is unable to attend the program?

A: Participants who are unable to attend can either return the kit, keep the kit and be rescheduled to attend a later program, or keep the kit and walk through the program 1:1 with the facilitator, peer, or colleague. Because the nature of the programs and how they are designed, if someone were to open a kit without dialog or instruction, they will most likely have no idea what to do with the materials.

Q: What if someone doesn't receive their Participant Kit?

A: We’ll provide you with all the tracking numbers so you are able to track shipments. If the program day arrives and a participant does not have their kit, they can elect to join as an observer or you can reschedule them for a future program.

Q: What if I have a last minute addition to a previously scheduled program?

A: In-person participants can receive a kit you have in inventory, sit with a colleague and assist with their kit, be scheduled for a later program, or simply be an observer during the program. Remote participants can be scheduled for a later program or simply be an observer during the virtual program. We recommend ordering a supply of extra kits to keep on hand.

Q: What if I have a participant with special needs?

A: During the discovery process, we work with you to determine the parameters of the program and the participant demographics, as well as defining any special accommodations needed.

Q: What does AIM90 stand for?

A: AIM represents the proprietary Adaptive Interactive Method we use to curate our programs. The 90 is because people tend to remember 90% of what they experience.

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