The best collaborative learning programs create a safe environment where learners thrive on interaction, open dialog, and problem solving while actively participating in the learning process. Unlike individual learning, people in a collaborative learning environment benefit from the skills and knowledge of other participants.

Collaborative learning works well for content that requires learners to connect with what is being shared and walk away with a deeper understanding of what was learned. Programs that successfully leverage collaborative learning are designed to have learners actively build the content.

When looking at your existing curriculum, determine which of your training programs require a higher level of emotional connection between the learner and the content, and of those programs, which would benefit from the following key collaborative learning components:

– Interactive with open dialog

– Requires active participation from all learners

– Includes challenging elements that require collaborative problem solving

– Provides a judgement-free atmosphere with an equal playing field for all learners

– Encourages participation, even from those that tend to shy away from group activities

Collaborative learning design takes a unique approach to achieve the desired learner outcomes while maintaining program flow and focus on the content. The facilitator plays a smaller part than a presenter normally would and provides support while the group works together. To keep things moving forward, content should be broken into multiple smaller challenges offering the group multiple moments of triumph along the way.  

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