Should winning be a key element in training programs? The short answer is YES, but not in the traditional sense of the word. It’s about triumph on every level, a sense of accomplishment, the feeling of crossing the finish line regardless of where that finish line takes you. Triumph comes in all sizes; it can be small, like the feeling of checking off the last thing on today’s to-do list, or enormous, like the feeling of checking something off your life’s bucket list. Regardless of how small or big the challenge, the sense of accomplishment helps drive us forward. And to triumph, you must have challenge.

When appropriately balanced with content delivery, challenge can be a powerful tool in the training development toolbox. Too much challenge and you risk losing the message, too little and it feels out of place, poorly orchestrated and there’s no benefit at all.

Ensuring challenge-based learning delivers on the desired learner outcomes requires thoughtful consideration of a multitude of factors. Challenges must be designed placing the learner outcome at the core with the challenge itself being secondary to communicating key messaging. Challenges themselves cannot be so involved that they overshadow the content. With focus on learner outcomes, challenges must be curated to stimulate collaboration amongst the learners and be intriguing enough to keep the element of triumph alive throughout the program. Learner engagement is heightened when finding the solutions requires varied levels of skill, knowledge and input.

Successful challenge-based learning requires transforming content into a series of challenges, each with their own moment of triumph, taking learners on a journey as they collaborate, problem solve, interact with, and are fully immersed in, the content. 

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Founded in 2020, AIM90’s mission is to curate unique learning experiences that maintain the human connection and increase information retention in a challenging and fun environment. AIM90 amplifies the impact when the content needs to drive learners to connect on an emotional level and when organizations want their teams to walk away with a deeper understanding of what was learned. AIM90 designs engaging remote, in-person, and hybrid programs.