Drive results for your business through the power of experience!

Amplify the impact of your training program content

We exist to curate unique experiences that maintain the human connection
and increase information retention in a challenging and fun environment.


What happens when you attend an AIM90 designed program?

  • You’re fully immersed in the content, you’re not alone, you’re working collaboratively, you’re challenged, and you’re building the content while learning.

  • Everything changes; your problem solving skills go into high gear, you’re reading, speaking, hearing, and writing content as an active participant in the learning process.

“I actually understand what I learned.”
- Global Events Director, Technology Company
                “The collaboration was fantastic, everyone brought something to the table.”
-Managing Advisor, Insurance Firm
                “I was engaged every single moment, bravo!”
– Learning + Development Manager, CPG Company



When you’re ready to take your program experience
in a new direction, we’re here to help.

AIM90 LLC is a women-owned small business

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